fx-project Open Source

fx-project Open Source

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fx-project OS V21.2

You want to get an overview which functionalities are included in the Open Source version of fx-project?

Open Source

You want to know how fx-project Open Source can be extended step by step up to the Ultimate version, which additional functions this includes and how much it costs?

Extension Packages

You want to find out what fx-project Open Source offers, which requirements are necessary or how you can use your version?


You would like to download the latest version of fx-project Open Source including third-party-software, additional documentation or Extension Packages?


You want to stay informed about patches and updates, promotions, price discounts and other interesting topics regarding fx-project Open Source?


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fx-project offers you many possibilities


Give each user exactly the functions they need. No more, no less!

This increases acceptance and no one is overwhelmed.

You assign!

Your Server
Your Platform

Don't be afraid of software!

 fx-project can be installed on your server or by your internet provider as a cloud solution.

You decide!

Information is

As a successful project manager, you always know the current status of your project, the project participants and costs.

You know!

Time Recording

Task-based time recording via browser or smartphone is an important tool and provides the project manager with the current status and reduces the administrative effort!

You control!