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fx-project offers you many possibilities

Do you want to plan your projects the way you think?

With fx-project Open Source thoughts quickly become projects - graphically, understandable and adaptable at any time from any place!

With the integrated resource planning you can see who is currently working on what and how busy he/she is.

A project management software that sets new standards!

You want to know the status of your project?

The Dashboard shows you all current meaningful core variables of your projects including diagrams.

No project runs out of control anymore!

Do you need project reports for visualization or for presentation to the client?

In addition to the standard reports such as Gantt, PSP (Project Structure Plan), Network Plan, MTA (Milestone Trend Analyses, EVA (Earned Value Analyses), fx-project offers you a special report, the so-called Multireport or Project Status Report.

You can use it to compile your own project reports from about 100 attributes and save them for later use.

Display only information that is really important to you!

You want to be able to map your company structure?

Capture and management of main data of the complete client system (= own company data), project clients/initiators, employees or contractors including their contract data, as well as other contacted companies and/or persons.

For employees or contractors, roles (management, project leadership, etc.) and skills/abilities with optional experience rating can be assigned. Likewise, annual leave can be entered for employees, and weekly and overtime can be specified.

Without structure no orderly project planning!

You want to simplify the work of your employees?

For people, there is the Main data sheet, a listing of all important personal data, as well as a Phone book, a Communication report or a Vacation plan with optional display of working hours.

Everyone needs relaxation at some point!

You want to be informed about performed activities?

For time data there is the Performance proof, a listing of all activities performed depending on the filter and display criteria set and thus ideal for presentation to the client.

A clear listing of the times according to the time recording offers the so-called Time data report.

No more time is wasted!

You want to have all your documents always at hand?

The Document Manager offers an easy way to add any Documents to specified categories via drag & drop.

For each document a detailed History log is created, i.e. you always know which employee has already looked at an important document or who last made which changes and when.

No more time-consuming searching through multiple directories!

You want to create or manage invoices?

Outgoing invoices can be created for projects or existing outgoing invoices can be edited including input of Payment receipts. Invoices can be Fixed prices, Hour based activities, Travel expenses and/or Materials.

In line with the outgoing invoices, Incoming invoices can also be entered and managed with. Thus you always have the possibility to inform immediately, which invoices are pending and when.

A work performed must also be paid!

Do you want a simple way to record activities performed?

Enter or manage hours worked in Time registration (Day) or on the go via Time registration App.

You work in your company mainly always on a few tasks at the same time per day or need to quickly time tracking for a task over a longer period of time, then fx-project offers you with the advanced time tracking modules TR (Week/Month) and TR (Sum) just the right thing.

No more paperwork!

You want an easy way to record your business trips?

Definition of annual travel flat rates for Km/Property and Overnight stay, thereby individually expandable for required countries at any time.

Recording of Domestic and international trips incl. Daily details such as per diems and/or Vouchers such as repair invoices, fuel receipts, parking fees, hotel overnight stays, etc.

No more complex manual calculation of travel expenses!

You want an easy way to manage your materials?

Record and manage Immediate materials or Consumption or Time materials.

Capture the used pieces of a material including a Material inventory or the used times on a task on a given day.

Keep track of all materials!

You want more?

No problem - fx-project Open Source is constantly being further developed
and offers you a wide range of extension packages.

List all available Extension Packages


Give each user exactly the functions they need. No more, no less!

This increases acceptance and no one is overwhelmed.

You assign!

Your Server
Your Platform

Don't be afraid of software!

 fx-project can be installed on your server or by your internet provider as a cloud solution.

You decide!

Information is

As a successful project manager, you always know the current status of your project, the project participants and costs.

You know!

Time Recording

Task-based time recording via browser or smartphone is an important tool and provides the project manager with the current status and reduces the administrative effort!

You control!